Commit yourself to the
"Point-A Place of Wellness Three-Step Wellness System"

and experience fast changes and permanent results.
We pride ourselves on creating a unique healing and wellness experience to serve all your healthcare needs.
Through acupuncture, meditation, nutrition and mindfulness, Sigal Meyuhas, LAc can guide you through each stage of creating and maintaining your wellness.

Step One: Become Aware
. Recognize your behavior patterns, beliefs and fears, which are the underlying cause of your pain and disease.

Step Two: Let Go
. Relieve your pain by focusing on opening the blockages, rather than by numbing or controlling the pain.

Step Three: Maintain Wellness
. Learn how to retain this sense of calm, sustain your sharpened awareness, and keep your spirits up.
Our natural medicine techniques include:

Acupuncture * Herbal Medicine
* CranioSacral Therapy * Aromatherapy *
Qi Gong * Massage

We provide a tranquil, supportive environment so you may relax, focus and let go of your concerns.

Therapy is centered on the whole person, rather than just symptoms, and is customized to meet your individual needs.

We value your time, and do our best to start every treatment so that you can be in and out promptly.